Abrolhos Islands

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We offer affordable nature based tours, to make the most of the available diversity of activities on hand at the magnificent Abrolhos Islands. On board our charter vessel OCEANIA, our tours are fully catered and organised. We offer fully guided land based tours to points of interest on the islands. All pre-arranged dives can be fully escorted by our experienced dive masters if required. Please advise us when you book if you require guided tours or are an inexperienced diver.

The Abrolhos is an escape from everyday life –just you and nature. Surrounded by the richness of nature, and simplicity of living, the experience at the Abrolhos is unique and limitless. Of the masses of islands that span along side Australia’s continental shelf, the closest is 55 kilometre’s due west from Geraldton. The mysterious and beautiful Abrolhos islands are clustered into three main groups – The Walllabi Group, the Easter groups and the Southern or Pelsaert Group.

All but three of the islands are coral atolls formed over the millennia by the growth and break down of many species of coral. The existence of the warm Leeuwin current continues to carry with it a cargo of coral larvae and other marine life from as far north as Indonesia. This current maintains water temperatures at around 22 degrees, enabling corals and bright, colourful tropical fish species to thrive.

The isolation and freedom the Abrolhos provides is unimaginable. Explore a coral atoll surrounded by nothing other than the sound of birdlife in the wind, and the tide washing over the broken corals.


We have several types of comfortable cabins to choose from

Oceania has seven double cabins that have the ability to be split into three single beds if required.

Bridge Deck: Three Double cabins – All of our cabins are well equipped and private with 240v power, DVD/TV players, air-conditioning, Small bar fridge, storage, and large windows allowing plenty of natural light and viewing. A five Berth Family room. Private with 240v power, air-conditioning, storage, Large desk and large windows allowing plenty of natural light and viewing. Perfect for family use. Located on the bridge deck We have four toilets and showers located on each deck.

Main Deck: Features Four double cabins with beds that can be separated into two twin beds or 1 Queen bed, Vanity unit, Large Cupboard, Work station. All of our cabins are well equipped and private with 240v power, DVD/TV players, air-conditioning, Small bar fridge and large windows allowing plenty of natural light and viewing.
Oceania has a snack vending machine, there are always plenty of soft drinks and snacks available. Complimentary hot chocolate, tea and a selection of coffee’s available while you are cruising.

Oceania’s crew and Chef will provide all your meals whilst onboard. Our meals are based on healthy local produce and fresh seafood wherever possible (with a light smattering of extremely tasty irresistible desserts that may not be so healthy).
Our on board Chef can cater for all of your dietary requirements so please advise us of your requirements. Please let us know if you have any dietary requirements upon final payment.

Alcoholic beverages are available for sale on board, we have a selection of beer, wine and spirits. If you require a certain brand or have a favourite beverage and we’ll make sure we have plenty at hand.


Aboard the MV Oceania, Kimberley Expeditions also offers dive sites up and down the Western Australian Coast. We operate seasonally at the Abrolhos Islands during the optimum times of February to April and Denham/Shark bay, Exmouth to Monte Bello Islands and the at the Rowley Shoals. Our cruises are designed to make the most of the best times to visit each location to make the most of the dive and snorkel activities.

Visit us aboard the and encounter the magnificent array of coral types on the numerous reef dive sites we can take you to explore.

Snorkelers certainly aren’t forgotten.

Nearly all our dive sites above are can be equally enjoyed by snorkel as the coral atolls are such that they rise to the surface making safe snorkeling a pleasure.

Abrolhos Islands

The Abrolhos is an escape from everyday life – just you and nature. Surrounded by the richness of nature, and simplicity of living, the experience at the Abrolhos is unique and limitless. Our expeditions aim to include the features of the Abrolhos islands.
Interpretivie tours of the Abrolhos Islands and the historic Batavia
Bird Watching of rare species
Beach combing the coral attols
Diving and snorkelling on the abundant sheltered reefs
Windsurfing and Surfing

Oceania’s Eco cruises to the Abrolhos Islands are from two day weekends to 5 days in duration. You may choose to fly out and join us for a day or for a week! The choice is yours. Scenic flights to the Abrolhos Islands are available daily from Geraldton.

Denham/Shark Bay

Shark Bay World Heritage Area is one of the most important natural treasures on Earth. In 1991 it was ranked alongside places such as the Galápagos Islands, the Great Barrier Reef and the Grand Canyon as a site of global environmental significance.
Shark Bay has species, scenery and situations that are either unusual or unique on the planet. On our four day expedition we depart from Denham and head out to visit the pristine Turtle Bay

Monte Bello Islands

Departing from Exmouth Marina. Monte Bello Island cruises are 8 days in duration. The Magnificent Monte Bello Islands are amongst the best in the world. Teams of brilliant reef fish. Crystal clear tropical waters. Our locations are protected from currents and swells. Close encounters with inquisitive dolphins and hungry Samson Fish. All manner of unusual marine life. Every time you slide into these beautiful warm waters you’ll find something new awaits.

Rowley Shoals

Departing from beautiful Broome the Rowley Shoals is a opportunity to experience a diverse array of diving environments including lagoons, canyons, sheer vertical walls, high speed drifts, night dives and snorkelling. You can experience swimming pool like conditions 300 km’s from the nearest land, and an uninterrupted night sky filled with an unimaginable amount of glittering stars. Cruises are 5 & 6 days and 6&7 nights, in and out of Broome during the Months of September to December.


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Itinerary & Schedule

Accommodation the evening pre-cruise if required can be arranged if your Cruise departs out of Geraldton.
Please arrive before 9 pm to sleep aboard. We require prior arrangement in preparation for your arrival. Accommodation is additional at $35.00 per person.

1: 6am Welcome aboard Oceania

The expedition vessel Oceania will be waiting for you within the Geraldton Marina. Please arrive 15-20 minutes prior to departure Your crew are waiting to greet you aboard Oceania. Let them help you settle into your new home for the next 5 days. After a safety briefing we depart for the islands at 6am. Keep a watch from one the 3 decks for Whales, Dolphins & seabirds on the crossing to the Abrolhos Islands. We drop anchor within the shelter of the Southern Group to enjoy a tasty breakfast. You will then have the opportunity to snorkel, dive or walk upon and discover the coral atolls or go fishing for dinner. Cruise past square island and view a Sealion colony on our way to Pelsaert Island to discover an amazing number of resident and visiting seabirds. This afternoon we’ll make our way to the Coral Patches for more amazing diving and snorkeling. Or you may wish to relax on the upper decks and watch the sun go down with a glass of your favorite.

Day 2: Easter Group for the evening

After Breakfast we head off to Whales Bay – Baldchin Groper, Coral Trout, Dhu Fish, Shark and Mackerel. This is serious country for the advanced diver and keen fisherman. Rolling hills of colourful plate and staghorn coral provide the backdrop for plenty of large and very tasty species. Snorkelers certainly aren’t forgotten. Nearly all our dive sites can be equally enjoyed by snorkel as the coral atolls are such that they rise to the surface making safe snorkelling a pleasure. Teams of brilliant reef fish. Crystal clear tropical water. If the fishermen have been successful, tonight we shall enjoy a succulent seafood spread.

Day 3: Discover the Secrets of the Easter group.

The Easter group of islands is home to scores of breeding seabirds, sea lions, Minke whales and the “Anemone Lump”. The size of a football field rising up from 45m up to 4m, the Anemone lump must harbour one of the widest range of fi sh species. Tropical and temperate; pelagic and resident; delicate and powerful, this piece of deep blue ocean will leave you speechless. There is no need to travel the world looking for a favourite dive site. Easily one of the best dives in Australia. In the afternoon we head to Eagles Nest Island. If you can drag your self away from the playful sea lions, slip down past the defensive lines of coral trout, weave around the tangled staghorn coral, you’ll be greeted by gardens of plate coral hiding all manner of reef fish. If your suitably qualified you’ll be in about 28 meters now and cruising comfortable drift along the surface bathing themselves within a rainbow of living colour.

Day 4: From the Easter Group to the Wallaby Islands and the Batavia

Abre Os Olhos. Open The Eyes. Unfortunately many early mariners didn’t, allowing these low lying coral atolls to take many lives. Eighteen known wrecks litter the islands as a stark reminder and testament to even modern-day skippers. Wrecked in 1629 on morning reef, the Batavia provides the reason why so many travellers are drawn to the Abrolhos. Lying in 4-6m of clear water, both divers and snorkellors will soon be drawn to the outline of the hull together with plenty of cannons and anchors. All remain as a reminder of the gruesome tale these waters have helped write. One of our experienced guides will happily snorkel or dive with you to ensure you don’t miss a bit. Being open to the wind and swell the Batavia is not always accessible. Afterward we take you to the Islands where we will tell you the tales of the survivors and the mutineers. This afternoon we cruise past Fish Point on our way into Turtle Bay for the evening. Fish point is a great dive with depths from 4 – 13m, plenty of channels and swim throughs cut in a reef teeming with life, fish point promises a great dive for beginners, experienced divers and free divers. Located just outside the protected beautiful Turtle Bay, Fish Point is rarely affected by currents allowing visibility to range from 10 to 25m. We will moor overnight in beautiful Turtle Bay and watch the sunset whilst you enjoy happy hour.

Day 5: The Wallabi Islands.

Fisheries Long Island Dive trail. Located in a protected along the base of a coral atoll. Snorkelers can enjoy the Reef Observation Area – the fisheries department have a placed a series of plaques in a 125m trail, pointing out the features of the local inhabitants. Coral trout, Sandy the turtle, a 1000 year old Porites coral, sheltering Western Rock Lobster along side butterfly fish. Each plaque contains a colourful illustration by artist Kelle Merritt. Or we may wish to have a drift dive, making use of the gentle , arriving currents through Goss Passage. This spectacular dive in the clear warm waters that run along the walls of this channel will insist you return for more. Keep a close eye on your depth, this can be a serious dive. With some of the best visibility at the islands a gaze into the depths will often reveal a curious pelagic keeping a distant eye on you. After a late leisurely lunch we will up anchor and say good bye to the Abrolhos and head back to Geraldton.

* Please note: Times and locations will vary to make the most of weather conditions. Our landings and activities are planned around the conditions. We endeavour to optimise each trip to suit your preferences and weather conditions. We ask you use our itineraries as a guide only.

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