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Manoa Tours was established in Western Samoa in the year of 2006, creating the opportunity for visitors in Samoa to enjoy the ocean beyond the island of Upolu with a certified tour business. Manoa Tours specializes in surfing tours, snorkel excursions, boat trips as well as learn to surf lessons and hiking tours. Manoa Tours is dedicated to offering our guests safe, reliable and unforgettable personalized tours.

Manoa Tours services are available to everyone in Samoa, regardless of location or choice of accommodation. This allows guests to stay anywhere on Upolu and still utilize our activities.

Manoa Tours is an environmentally conscious tour business, using moorings instead of throwing anchor on reef where possible and limiting the number guests in the boat and ocean at any one time, to insure safety as well as lessen the impact on the environment and increase the overall experience for our guests in Samoa.


Please contact us for a range of different accommodations.


Upolu Island has a number of great surf spots, many of which are located on the South Coast. Enjoy surfing in crystal clear, warm, tropical water comparable to an aquarium! We take our boat or vehicle daily to the best location, depending on wind and swell direction, getting our guests the best waves possible. Our knowledgeable surf guides have unparalleled experience and know the waves extremely well.
On the South coast of Upolu, there are a number of consistent breaks, including: Coconuts (Right hand reef pass), Salani (Right hand reef pass), Boulders (Large lava rock left hand point), TafaTafa (Right hand reef pass) and Nuusafee Island (Unbelievable left hander wrapping around a deserted island). Along with the names mentioned above, there are numerous other options on the south coast of Upolu that our guides will show you while you are here!

Snorkel Samoa
Manoa Tours offers many different snorkelling destinations by boat on the South Coast. Snorkel in wonderful clear blue water, among a variety of reef fish and coral! Snorkelling is family friendly, all ages are welcome!
*The Aquarium
*Coconuts Wall
*Nuusafe’e Island
*Beginner snorkel lessons

Hike Samoa
Hike Upolu with Manoa Tours! We offer hikes along Samoa’s Lava Cliffs as well as hiking up through the jungle to Lake Lanoto’o and Robert L. Stevenson’s Memorial Site. Custom Hikes also available.
*Coastal Cliff Hike
*Robert L. Stevenson Memorial Trail
*Lake Lanoto’o


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What is the best time of year to surf in Samoa?

The largest south swells in Samoa usually come between April-September with consistent trade winds from Samoa Surfing Right handerthe southeast. From around October-March the swells are a bit smaller on the south, but the light winds and the chance of scoring the north side of the island more than make up for it.