Rubio Plantation Retreat

From $2865 for 7 Nights incl. Airfares ex Brisbane

Welcome to Rubio Plantation Retreat in the remote central north-eastern coast of New Ireland Province, Papua New Guinea. Whether you just want to sit on the beach and relax or search the remote coastline and offshore islands for an undiscovered wave, we can look after your needs.

We specialize in surfing and also offer hiking, snorkelling, fishing, bird watching and cultural tours throughout New Ireland.

We limit the number of guest at our retreat to 15 so there is never a crowd. For our surfing guest we limit the number of surfers at our retreat to 10 and the number of visiting surfers to the central coast region is limited to 20 by the Central New Ireland Surf Management Plan.

Rubio Plantation Retreat is located 220 Km from Kavieng, down the scenic Buliminsky Highway. It takes about 3 hours to drive there. Rubio Plantation starts from the beach and goes up into the mountains. It has many trails to explore and a cool beautiful stream that comes out of the ground at the base of a giant tree and runs for several hundred meters and then disappears again into the ground. It then resurfaces and then runs into the ocean along a white sandy beach.


The bungalows are made from native materials and are located along the beachfront. All beds have mosquito nets. The experienced and friendly staff will take care of all your needs. Solar panels and hydroelectric provide power for the retreat. There are flush toilets and showers in our deluxe and family bungalows and also in a toilet block.

The kitchen serves 3 meals a day, family style. Coffee and tea are set out at all times. Local organic home made cocoa is also available, and very delicious. Meals consist of a combination of European, Asian and local foods, and home baked bread and pastries. We grow our own organic fruits and vegetables on the plantation and in the surrounding villages. These include mangoes, papayas, bananas, avocados, lemons, limes, mandarins, taro, sweet potatoes etc.


Rubio Plantation produces our own One Source Organic Chocolate. We also Produce Organic Virgin Cold Pressed Coconut Oil. The cacao and coconuts are all sourced out of our plantation and the surrounding villages. We use micro hydro and solar to power our production. These products are available to our guest for purchase and tours can be done to see how the chocolate and oil are made.


The surf season is from mid-October to mid-May. Rubio has a good, consistent break right at our beach. There are also many other good breaks in the area.

Surf spots range from mellow long board waves to fast and hollow depending on swell size and direction. We have both rights and lefts and are open to many swell directions.

There are boats and vehicles available to take you out to the many excellent breaks on the offshore islands or along the coast. We never book more than 10 surfers at one time and with our many available breaks you will never be dealing with a crowd.

Besides just enjoying the beach and stream there are lots of other things to do. Visitors come from around the world to enjoy our excellent Bird Watching. There are several interesting caves near by to be explored. For hikers the possibilities are endless. Fresh water comes out in many places making for very interesting geography. At Pam village there is a beautiful waterfall very near the road. Because the Buliminsky Highway never has any very steep sections, it is perfect for bicycles. It is a wonderful way to really see the county side. You can ride from town and then be driven back. During the off-season for surf, it is great fun to explore the rugged coast in a canoe or kayak.

Sing Sings (traditional dancing) and Mumus (traditional cooking in an underground oven) can be arranged with the local village.

A trip can be arranged to visit the world famous Malangan carvers.

Cultural tours to other locations can also be arranged.


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Itinerary & Schedule

Flights arrive in Port Moresby from Australia, Singapore, Manila, Tokyo, Fiji and the Solomon Islands.

Flights with Air Niguini from Port Moresby to Kavieng, depart every day. You can also depart from Kokopo, Lae, and Manus to get to Kavieng. All guests are picked up at the airport, unless other arrangements are needed. If you would prefer to hire a vehicle we can arrange this for you.

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