Peru is possibly one of the least known, top quality, surf destinations in the world. Indonesia is often called the land of the left hander, well the Peruvian coastline would like to dispute that mantle!!


Olas Peru Surf Travel

Olas Peru Surf Travel is a part of Olas Peru Surf School, leading surf school in Latin America since 1992 and the take-off point of Sofia Mulanovich 2004 women world champion. Our team consists of local Peruvian surfers who have lived and surfed the Peruvian coast for all of their lives. Our trip...


Chicama Boutique Hotel and Spa

Chicama, located in Puerto Malabrigo in the central coast of Peru, is known to be the longest surfeable wave on Earth. This surfing jewel offers a 2.2 k.m. ride with nice barrels and long walls for high-performance maneuvers. A ride so long that you can surf a single wave for over 2:30 minutes. ...