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Pohnpei Surf Club

Micronesia has some of the best waves in the world and Pohnpei has by far the best one in Micronesia. Expect warm, crystal clear water, with perfect powerful waves. In Pohnpei, waves break far from the beach, similar to Tahiti or Fiji, either on the barrier reef or near a reef pass. It is not possib...


Kosrae Surf Tours

Kosrae Surf Tours is a grassroots endeavor created and run by Matt Rott, one of the original surfers on the island. Matt, who has traveled to over 35 countries, came to Kosrae as a volunteer in 2000 and discovered some of the best surf he's ever run across. Matt is working with the local government ...

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NIHCOsurf is located directly inshore from P-pass​. It is a passage in the barrier reef that surrounds Pohnpei that is positioned perfectly to shape North Pacific swells into world-class right hand barrels. These swells are most common from October through April. When head high or less it is a v...