Mentawais Surfing Retreat

Mentawai Surf Retreat is nestled on 20 acres of beach front land on Nyang Nyang Island in the Northern Mentawai region. This region is known as the “Playgrounds” area, and the name says it all. The Mentawai Islands are Mother Nature’s gift to the surfing world.

The retreat has several world class waves within walking distance and over twenty epic breaks just a short boat ride away. We have access to a large variety of waves for all surfing levels; from mellow, peeling reef breaks to some of the heaviest barrels on the planet.

With a beach front, Northwest facing Restaurant and Bar nestled in the shade, private hillside bungalows set amongst coconut palms and tropical gardens, the outlook over Siberut Island creates breathtaking sunsets that make this the best setting in the Mentawais.


The Mentawai Surf Retreat consists of three comfortable, secure, and spacious hillside bungalows. Each handcrafted bungalow accommodates 2-3 guests, and is designed to soak in the ocean breeze to keep you cool.
A beautiful indoor/outdoor en suite bath with tropical backdrop is at the rear of each bungalow. The large and spacious bathrooms have drop-down screens, western toilets, high pressure showers, and a separate entrance to help keep your bungalow clean and sand free.

All bungalows are spacious and private, providing a unique setting in paradise. Locally handcrafted, they combine the traditional Mentawai methods with the modern luxuries of the western world.

Private Deck & Incredible Views

Each bungalow boasts its own private deck for you to relax and enjoy the surroundings. Perched on a hillside, overlooking the surf with islands in the distance, you will experience the perfect backdrop for every sunset. These are the views postcards are made of…


The Mentawai Surf Retreat boasts an elevated beachfront Restaurant/Bar and Lounge with wave and ocean views. The Nyang Nyang Lounge is a place gather, eat, drink , share photos and watch videos.

The building is designed to maximize the views of the surrounding scenery in every direction. With a spacious deck at the front, staring straight into the barrel of Pit Stops and indoor/outdoor dining area.
Meals, Snacks & Drinks

Three delicious meals are served each day around the guest’s schedule. The menu includes a variety of traditional Indonesian cuisine with a few western favourite’s. We can cater to special dietary needs by request, including vegetarian and gluten-free.

Cold refreshments and snacks will be provided for all surf missions. We realize the extreme importance of remaining hydrated out here so we will always ensure ample supply of fluids.

Beer & soda is available for purchase and is not included in the packaged price. You are more than welcome to bring your own duty free liquor!


Location: Out Front

Pitstops is right out in front of the Mentawai Surf Retreat with views from all the bungalows and restaurant. It is a really fun right-hander that breaks off a reef and runs onto sand. The wave offers a fast hollow tubing take off followed by the most rip-able wall imaginable. The scene of some amazing aerial performances and some cool tube rides off the peak. An awesome wave to ease into the Mentawai experience. Pitstops breaks well in all tides and can break with amazing shape at 1-2 foot. It is relatively consistent and protected in the south winds that can blow out a lot of the other spots. Sit back and watch it coil off from the front deck or the bar… or grab your board and get out there!

Location: 5 Min Walk or Paddle – Just Around the Point
E-Bay is located in walking or paddling distance from the resort, about a 10 minute walk. It is an awesome wave… a dreamy, hollow left-hander that breaks best between waist high to double or even triple overhead. E-Bay is often compared to the fabled Padang Padang in Bali but has a gnarly end section which adds to the challenge. It has a main tube section located straight out from a large boulder which adds to the intimidating mood of the wave. It can be enjoyed at waist to head high on a lower tide as well, but is considered best on a big swell. The bigger it gets the hollower it gets… and the heavier it gets. Regarded as fickle but when it’s on, it is one of the best waves around!

Bank Vaults
Location: 10 Min Boat Ride / 25 Min Walk

This challenging hollow right-hander breaks thick, hard and square. Bankvaults can handle up to triple over head, but also works at 3 feet. Its a wave capable of delivering the squarest barrel of your life but watch out for the sneaky ones. Has a large outer peak when of size followed by the inside bowl. Awesome spot for photo’s as the barrels can be thick and large. Bank Vault’s is within walking distance from Mentawai Surf Retreat, but is accessed easily by boat and is definitely one for the chargers and tube hunters.

Location: 12 Min Boat Ride / 35 Min Walk

Set in a very scenic little bay just around the corner from the retreat Nipussi is down the line from Bankvaults and is regarded as the safer, lighter option to its often brutal neighbour. Works on small and medium swells and is clean when out front of of the retreat is messy. When it’s under four foot it wraps from the tip of the point and down into the bay. When it gets a little bigger it breaks wider in the bay offering some juicy ramps to cut loose on. Nipussi is a super consistent, reliable and rip-able right that works best on a low to medium tide but is good on all tides. An ever reliable option, close by.

Beng Beng
Location: 10 Min Boat Ride / 35 Min Walk

Really fun, rip- able left hander that suits surfers of all skill levels. Not the longest wave in the region but throws up a succession of whackable sections. Not known for its tube capacity but still not a fat wave by any means. Set in a very scenic tranquil bay and again a short distance from MSR. a great warm up location or afternoon wind down wave. Breaks better in the low tide and also protected in the southern winds. A favorite with the cruisers.

Location: 25 Min Boat Ride

A truly amazing right- hander that looks just like the cartoon drawings you drew on your old school books. One of the best right -handers on the planet, it holds some size and breaks mechanically long, hollow and fast. Needs a swell with some distinct south in it and wind with some west. The scene of some unbelievable tube moments, many say if you score an epic day here it could well and truly be the best session of your life. Prefers the reef to have some good water cover and breaks with some ferocity when bigger. A wave for the skilled but can be enjoyed still at waist high when its just for play. Surfers dream of scoring this place on and come to the Mentawai in hope of catching a moment here. Say no more!. Rifles fires.

Burger World
Location: 20 Min Boat Ride – Across the Bay

When most of the Mentawais are flat, you can rely on Burgerworld to dish up something to cut loose on. Not a highly rated wave for the region but still when its under 1.5m swell, it runs down the point with numerous sections to work with. still a really enjoyable spot to go to if the swell is tiny. Prefers a lower tide and a wind with west in it. Doesn’t like too much swell as it has a tendency to burger-out and go fat. Great for the ripper or the cruiser.

4-Bobs AKA Spankers
Location: 25 Min Boat Ride

A fun rippable right hander. Although relatively short its consistent and always a fun wave to ride. Breaks over a shallow reef and offers two to three good sections, Get your 4 -bobs worth.

A-Frames AKA John Candys
Location: 25 Min Boat Ride

Peaky and consistent, A-frames can handle size and is made up of two main sections. The outside section throws up challenging shifting peaks, whilst the inside section walls up beckoning to be unleashed upon.

Location: 25 Min Boat Ride

A truly world class freight -training left hand barrel. Super hollow and fast, hard to out run, but if you do you’ll never forget it. be prepared for a few beatings though when its pumping. Some incredibly long barrels have been recorded at this break. For the experienced only. can handle up to triple overhead. When its this size it’s not for the faint hearted. further around the island you will find baby Kandui that is super fast and can be an awesome option if the swell is big.
Nokandui and baby Kandui need some good water on the reef to be safe as , like Rifles, breaks with ferocity and intensity.


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