Aloita Resort

Fr $180 USD Per Night Tripleshare

Aloita stands alone as the most refined and comfortable resort ever built in Indonesia’s Mentawai Islands. Everything you have heard regarding the world’s most desired surfing location is true. Now we can say the same for diving, fishing and a whole range of other marine activities.

Aloita is uniquely situated on a small private island called Simakakang, less than 10 minutes away from Tua Pajet, the capital of the Mentawais. We are well connected to the Sumatran mainland by regular ferry and flight services. However, because we are tucked away in our own little corner means the privacy and seclusion of our guests in this island paradise is secure.

There are several world class waves within a short speedboat ride of the resort, including the famous lefthander Telescopes. Aloita is also well positioned so guests can make surgical strikes to the waves in the Playground area to the north and Peninsula (Lance’s) area to the south. We also have a few secrets, including a couple waves you can paddle to right off the island.

Aloita is also the only true dive resort in the Mentawais, with all the necessary gear and qualified instructors for even a beginner to become a certified diver. Many of the best SCUBA and snorkeling areas in the Mentawais are right near our resort, including the spectacular reefs in and around Setan Island.

There are many other exciting activities around the resort, such as fishing, hiking, and cultural excursions. But if your goal is simply to relax, Aloita has you covered very well. Each bungalow is clean, new, and extremely well appointed, and each is just steps from over a mile of private, untouched, white sand beach. We have the only true spa facilities in the Mentawais, so our guests can get a massage or beauty treatment to wash their stresses away. Or you can just have a drink and watch the flat screen at our beautiful A Bar, which is perched just meters away from crystal clear water.

Aloita has something for everyone, from couples to large diving groups to the hardcore solo surfer. So come spend your next holiday with us, and let our friendly and hospitable staff show you why many people are now referring to Aloita as “THE Resort” in the Mentawais.


Aloita is home to seven spacious double cottages and one even largerbungalow1 “Family” cottage. Each bungalow is an entirely separate residence, completely detached on all sides for added privacy and security. Though the amenities vary slightly from bungalow to bungalow, all are clean, new, and extremely well appointed. All our bungalows are constructed of the highest quality materials, including the same local hardwoods you’ll see throughout our resort.

Upon first viewing, you’ll notice each bungalow has its own large lanai and private path to our extensive white sand beach. Once inside, the chill coming from the pumping A/C will cool down your hot skin after a day’s activities in the sun. Or, if you’re already acclimatized, one of the various settings on the overhead fan will provide you just the proper amount of ventilation, in every bungalow you will find water dispenser with coffee and tea facilities free of charge, every day our staff will clean your bungalow and make your beds, bungalow2which are ample and very comfortable.

The bathrooms are highlighted by more local hardwoods, and are very well thought out. Each bungalow has a safe, a mini fridge, and plenty of closet and storage space. In addition, each has its own private outdoor courtyard and storage area in the rear of the residence, complete with outdoor shower and shaded racks for your surfboards.

Our “Family Bungalow” is perfect larger groups, or couples who want to bring their little ones along. The bedroom on the first floor is larger and has a separate entrance, giving the folks added peace and quiet if their little ones decide to get rowdy.

There is an additional private bedroom on the second floor as well. An additional bed can be brought into the living room for larger families


Restaurant and Bar

Beautifully constructed from entirely local hardwoods, Aloita’s gorgeousrestaurant1 open air restaurant is a wonderful place to enjoy a meal and reflect on the day’s activities. And seeing as several of the owners of Aloita are Italian, it should come as no surprise that we take a great level of pride and care in the preparation of the meals for our guests. All buffet style meals are served daily which are designed not just to delight your taste buds, but also replenish and refuel your body. We specialize in a variety of seafood dishes using fresh produce caught in local waters, but we certainly don’t limit ourselves to fish. You can expect anything from pasta dishes to pizza to steaks to chicken – you name it! And all meals are complemented well with a variety of vegetable, rice, fruit dishes, etc. – all high quality, high energy, and healthy.

Aloita’s Spa and Massage facility, the only of its kind in the Mentawais, is now complete and ready to serve all your relaxation needs. As we nurture a holistic approach at Aloita, our guests can feel confident that they can devote their full energy to our wide array of outdoor activities, as we are prepared to help balance their systems with a full mind and body cleanse. The gentle sounds of water splashing against the rocks of our enclosed waterfall and fish pond will help you glide into a state of deep relaxation during your massage or spa treatment. Our large ocean view veranda can be used as a waiting or place for yoga and meditation. It truly is a tranquil, peaceful, and therapeutic place.


Put simply, the surf in the Mentawai Islands is the best in the world. There is no other place on the planet with such a diverse array of high quality surf in such a small area. There are at least 50 superb waves strewn throughout the islands, and there are several more still being discovered every year. And the Aloita Resort & Spa is optimally positioned get you the most out what the Mentawais has to offer, while still giving you the convenience and comfort of coming home to your own private, clean, and stable bed every night.

Roughly 70% of the waves in the Mentawais can be accessed within an hour by speedboat from Aloita, and some of the best ones are right in our own backyard. For example, the world class lefthander Telescopes is only 10 minutes away, and many feel it offers longer and straighter barrels than Macaronis when it’s firing. There are challenging waves like Icelands, rippable waves like Scarecrows, and even a couple very playful secrets that break right off our island
Every day our qualified surf guides receive constantly updated surf forecasts, and will make recommendations based on swell, wind, and the desires/skills of the guests. One day we may decide it’s a good idea to take a day trip to the Playground area to the north, for waves such as Rifles, Four Bobs, Nokandui, Nipussi, or Bankvaults. Or, we might decide a trip south to the Peninsula area is the call for waves such as Bintangs, Lances Left, or HTs. There are so many options to choose from, and we always consult the needs and desires of our guests to come to a group decision about what is the best call for the day


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