Padangbai & Candidasa

Padangbai Day Trips

Nusa Penida Coral Reef
Coleman Shrimp at Padangbai

AquaMarine’s three custom-built dive boats are moored in Padangbai harbour from where we depart for Day Dive Trips to Blue Lagoon, Mimpang and Tepekong, Gili Biaha and Gili Selang.

Boat transfer times depend on the site you have selected for your Day Dive Trip.

We designed AquaMarine’s dive boats to provide the best for you in terms of comfort and safety. They are, without a doubt, the three best custom-made dive boats in Bali. Click here and see the “Transport by boat” section for full details.


Our usual schedule consists of 2 Day Dives but we are able to add in additional (pre-booked) Dives and, at Blue Lagoon, Night Dives.
We encourage divers to try Night Diving and therefore suggest an overnight stay at one of our selected hotels in Candidasa just 15 minutes away.

Dive Sites in the Padangbai Area

Blue Lagoon/Jepun

An ideal site for novice divers and those interested in unusual critters. Calm conditions and good visibility make this site popular with macro and wide-angle photographers.
For those who are not certified, Blue Lagoon is an excellent site to try our 1 Day Introductory Adventure Diving programme or to enjoy snorkelling from the boat.


Two challenging dive sites for more experienced divers. Very dramatic, chiselled black stone with low-lying corals and the chance to see reef sharks and pelagics.


One of Bali’s most breath-taking sites and the favourite of Annabel, owner-operator of AquaMarine Diving – Bali. Biaha can be quite surgy but it’s worth it for the dramatic wall, waves crashing overhead and the diversity of marinelife.

Gili Selang

Probably Bali’s most infrequently dived site, Gili Selang offers both protected diving as well as more exposed areas with the opportunity to see passing pelagics.