Bathurst Island Lodge

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Bathurst Island Lodge is located on the remote south western coast of Bathurst Island. The Lodge, which is extremely isolated, is situated on the iconic ‘Barra Base’ site, which was Australia’s first ever guided barramundi sport-fishing lodge. Barra Base closed in 1998 but reopened in March 2013 as Bathurst Island Lodge following major refurbishment.

PARTICIPATION: Bathurst Island Lodge guests should be aware that we operate in a highly remote and rugged location. Guests are therefore required to be in good health and sound medical condition prior to and during their trip.




To enhance your experience of being away from it all, accommodation and fishing at Bathurst Island Lodge is restricted to a maximum of 12 guests. Doing so enables our experienced lodge team to provide you with a superior level of service and attention designed to make your visit totally relaxing and with the very best and most productive fishing experience possible. But, getting so far off the beaten-track doesn’t mean having to rough it, because our Lodge has chef-prepared meals, 240v power, hot showers, flushing toilets, phone & email access, plus a host of comforts and facilities rarely associated with such highly remote fishing destinations.
The main building is the centre of activity at the lodge and houses a spacious, well-appointed and comfortable indoor-outdoor dining area, licensed bar and guest lounge. Open to cooling sea breezes, and magnificent 270 degree river and ocean views, the main building is the perfect place to relax after your day’s fishing. Our comfortable air-conditioned guest rooms are close by and consist of 4 x single occupancy plus 4 x twin-share rooms. Adjacent are the guest bathrooms which include a private ladies bathroom and dressing area.

One of the many highlights at Bathurst Island Lodge is the high quality of our meal service. Our chef gets you started each morning with a range of hearty breakfast choices which include bacon & eggs, cereals, toast, fresh fruit, tea and coffee. Breakfast is served from 6.45am with the aim of having you on the water fishing by 7.30am each morning. At an appropriate time during the day, your fishing guide will position your boat in a shaded area to prepare an on-board lunch.

When you return to the Lodge after your day’s fishing, you may like to wander across to the main building to relax and share the experiences of your day whilst enjoying the wonderful water views and sea breezes. Whilst there, help yourself to some hors d’oeuvres and a drink from our licensed bar. Dinner is served around 7.00pm. As might be expected, freshly caught Tiwi Islands fish is always on our menu together with other dishes and desserts suited to our tropical climate.


Boats & Motors: All boats are custom-built, 6.5m in length and fitted with 150hp four stroke motors. All have colour sounders, GPS, satellite phone, 2 way radio, first aid kit and full safety equipment. All have carpeted floors, a spacious forward casting platform, gear lockers and comfortable padded seats. Our boats are large, high-sided and purpose-built to provide the safest and most comfortable platform possible for the waters you will be fishing in. In order to maximise guest comfort and safety, our policy is to fish with a maximum of 3 anglers per boat and fishing guide.

Technique & Equipment: At our Lodges and Camp, we exclusively focus on lure-fishing in our rivers and creek systems, which involves casting-to and occasionally trolling, a combination of fallen trees, creek mouths, rock bars, sand flats and submerged gutters. Standard tackle for this style of fishing comprises of a light-medium action graphite fishing rod of around 1.7m in length with a lightweight single-hand ‘bait-caster’ fishing reel spooled with 10-15kg braided line. Lures used include shallow and deep diving minnows and ‘soft plastics’. Off-shore and reef fishing involves a combination of lure, soft plastic and occasional bait fishing with standard tackle comprising of a medium to heavy action rod of 1.5m in length with an ‘overhead’ style fishing reel spooled with 25-30kg braided fishing line.


PARTICIPATION: Bathurst Island Lodge guests should be aware that we operate in a highly remote and rugged location. Guests are therefore required to be in good health and sound medical condition prior to and during their trip.



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Through our exclusive leases and operating license with the Tiwi Islands people, we provide our guests exclusive fishing access to dozens of unspoiled river systems, creeks, bays and inlets. Add to this a myriad of coastal and off-shore fishing options, and it’s easy to understand why the Tiwi Islands truly are an angler’s paradise.

The mighty barramundi is the most famous and keenly sought fish in our waters, its reputation as being Australia’s premier light-tackle sporting fish well earned and thoroughly deserved. Barra are prolific throughout our rivers and creeks and are caught in good and often very good numbers around fallen trees, gutters, creek mouths, rock bars and sand flats. Barramundi are active all year on the Tiwi Islands with many trophy sized barra exceeding one meter in length caught (and released) by our guests each season.

But, there’s a lot more to Tiwi Islands fishing than barramundi. Other species prolific in our rivers, creeks, bays and inlets include mangrove jacks, threadfin and blue salmon, saratoga, fingermark, tarpon and estuary cod. Plus, off-shore we have spanish mackerel, black jewfish, golden snapper, queenfish, giant trevally, coral trout, long tail tuna and many other species. All-up we’ve counted over 40 species of fish in our waters and we consistently encounter them all in good numbers and sizes. And you don’t have to travel far to catch them either, as some of the area’s most productive fishing grounds are just a few minutes by boat from our Lodges or Camp.

We cater for all levels of fishing experience; from absolute beginners, right through to the seasoned angler. Our experienced and professional fishing guides are the best in the business and will provide you with expert tuition that will have you confidently lure-casting and catching fish in no time at all. Lure casting is tremendous fun and we’re yet to meet anyone who hasn’t thoroughly enjoyed the experience. We supply all fishing equipment (except fly fishing gear) on a replace – if lost or damaged – basis. Our fishing equipment is of the highest standard with reels available in both left and right hand wind. Naturally, if you prefer to bring your own rods and reels with you (as many regular guests do), then please feel free to do so.

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