Thorfinn Truk Lagoon

Fr $2550 USD 7 Days/ 7 Nights

The warm tropical conditions of Truk Lagoon, its sheltering islands and reefs make it one of the most comfortably accessible wreck diving locations in the world.

This sheltered part of Micronesia has wreck diving suiting all divers, from shallow snorkeling, down to deeper wrecks (still within recreational limits) for more advanced divers. There are minimal currents within the confines of Truk Lagoon and consistent good visibility, making the wreck diving easy and accessible for any diver. Penetrations and dive depths are nominated and customized to the comfort, needs and experience level of individual divers. We offer a range of courses onboard from open water through to Rescue.

Plunge in to warm clear waters of Truk and discover the wonder-world of wrecks and treasures hidden below its smooth surface. Aboard Thorfinn you will never be far from any dive site, as the ship’s nearby anchorages provide great flexibility and convenient alongside diving. Running two custom designed fast dive launches along with two smaller craft, Thorfinn provides the most variety and accessibility to all of Truk, diving 30 or more wrecks in just one week aboard.


Guest Lounge 
A spacious comfortably furnished ‘C’ deck salon features a 50” multi system LED TV with DVD player, a CD player with IPOD connection, and a surround sound 6 speaker system. A well stocked DVD and paperback book library, magazine rack, reference books (fish, wrecks) are all available for guest use. Indirect lighting, large view windows and comfortable seating make this a popular guest area. The bar provides a range of beverages – from coffee, tea, hot chocolate and soft drinks, to beers, wines and spirits at reasonable cost.
Guest Rooms
Ten air conditioned staterooms accommodate 20 guests in double occupancy. All have in room vanities, TV’s and DVD players, indirect lighting and full length closets. Eight rooms located on ‘D’ and ‘E’ decks have double or queen size beds plus adjacent single berths. Private showers and toilets are fitted in each of these rooms. Three additional rooms on ‘C’ deck are bright and spacious with two shared shower rooms and two shared toilets.
Spa Deck
This ‘C’ deck location aft of main guest lounge is favored after a dive or late at night with both south and northern constellations in clear view. With good music playing on outdoor aft speakers, a refreshment in hand and perhaps the right company …what more to perfection..? Our big commercial sized tub seats 12 persons by design, and has actually had 26 party animals squeezed in for a New Year’s initiation ball. This ocean water system is supplied by coolant water flows from auxiliary diesels in engine room. Powerful jets can help to massage away any aches or strains at the end of another busy day.
Sun Deck 
A popular daytime haunt up on ‘B’ deck, with sun loungers for sunray addicts. An overhead shade canopy provides cool shade while reading a book or enjoying a magnificent view of Paradise.
Thor’s Lair
Thor’s Lair – an exclusive luxury suite – has been created from two former main deck cabins, featuring a huge king size bed, adjoining bed settee, 44 inch TV monitor/player, PC table/chair, carpeted walls, 4 view windows, walk-in closet, bar fridge, bedside lighting controls, and large shower/toilet room. It is available for a slight premium over regular fares.
Dining Lounge 

Dedicated dining lounge on ‘D’ deck provides seating for 22 guests. Friendly dining room staff serve breakfast cooked to order with other meals chosen daily by our chef from a varied menu taking any personal dietary requests into consideration. Our two onboard chefs create a variety of delicious meals and daily fresh baked goods, with attention paid to all dietary needs. An additional bookcase here houses overflows of the many books in our library – feel free to leave a finished book and take a different one for the journey home. Out of meal times this is a quiet place to work on photos, or play a lively game of cards!


10 double occupancy rooms for 20 guests.
13 Toilets, 11 Showers, eight in private facility guest rooms.
‘A’ deck with topside upper bridge controls, electronics mast.
‘B’ deck with navigation bridge forward, chartroom/business center, liferafts, emergency beacons, dive launch storage, aft sun deck with lounge chairs and shade canopy.
‘C’ deck Guest Lounge seating 30 persons, bar, DVD and reading library, surround sound CD/player with I-pod connex, 50” LED TV with DVD player, 2 shower rooms, two toilet rooms, hallway storage closets. Guestrooms 9,10,11.
‘C’ deck Spa Area with 11 person spa, 2 camera service/storage tables, adjacent deck chairs.
‘D’ deck forward interior with Dining Room, 5 tables seating 26 persons, adjoining galley and pantry, view windows, bookcase, stairs to crew area.
‘D’ deck aft interior with Boatique (handicrafts, t-shirts, postcards), dive service center, steering flat. Thor’s Lair, a large room with luxury appointments, and Room 3.
‘E’ deck with big ensuite Guest rooms 4,5,6,7,8.


Diving Conditions in Truk Lagoon

Diving conditions in Truk Lagoon are comfortably easy, with minimal currents, bath-like water temperature (29-30’C/84-86’F) and very good light. Anytime is ‘best’ time for diving here, as there are no real seasons. NE trade-winds from January to April create a cooling effect with a light sea chop. Rainfall is fairly consistent year round with short sharp showers followed by ample quantities of sun!

High attractions of wrecked ships, planes, and a submarine, can be supplemented with occasional runs to pristine outer barrier reefs with bright corals, sharks, eagle rays, huge schools of barracudas, big eyed jacks, batfish and a profusion of reef fish! Shark feeding dives are an option at several locations.

Wreck Diving in Truk Lagoon

Neighboring island visits and tours are easily arranged as desired, without shipboard fees. Snorkelers or non-divers often accompany divers aboard dive launches, to view activities below, at many shallower dive sites scheduled daily.

Regular charters run Saturday to Saturday throughout the year, with no person minimums to run a week’s tour, as we operate 52 weeks per year.


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Itinerary & Schedule

Daily Dives
Lounge briefings precede each dive selection starting with 8:00 AM departures from ship. Schedules are selected as desired by each dive group, or as posted to an early morning selection by your personal guides. Condensed excerpts and wreck sketches of daily dive selections are laid out for guest reading each morning.
An average 10 minute launch ride precedes securing to nearby dive sites, where launch staff will assist in final dive preps prior to water entries.
Cameras and lights are passed over when ready, followed by descent with guide and others down mooring line to selected shipwreck or reef site. Your dive guide will provide a brief dive plan before commencing each dive.
Much of Truk’s wartime fleet and armaments are surrounded with beautiful corals and brightly colored fish of intriguing variations in consistently warm water viz of 30-100ft (10-35m). Ocean reef dives present gin clear views of virgin wall life beyond most visitor’s dreams.

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