Ocean Hunter 1 Palau

Fr $3495 USD 7 Days

Ocean Hunter was conceived by owner and naval architect Navot Bornovski and by the father of Palauan diving, Francis Toribiong, who first brought diving to Palau and discovered most of the now world-famous dive sites visited by the Ocean Hunter. The Ocean Hunter’s 60 foot hull, built in Holland in 1979, was shipped to Spencer’s Ship Yard in West Palm Beach (the Rolls Royce of ship yards) where the vessel was completed to the highest standards, bought by Navot & Tova Bornovski in 1993, and crafted under the expert supervision of Navot and Avi Klapfer, owner of acclaimed liveaboard fleet the Undersea Hunter. Ever since 1993 the Ocean Hunter has been family-run by the Bornovskis in Palau, and has hosted such activities from Discovery Channel productions to National Geographic assignments by photographer David Doubilet.

About the Bornovskis
Tova and Navot Bornovski are the owners and managers of the Ocean Hunter and Fish ‘n Fins, the pioneer dive shop in Palau. They bring decades of dive time to the table. This intrepid couple traversed the seas on a 4-year around-the-world sailing trip in the ’80s and fell in love with Palau. They began to work on the first liveaboard to dive Palau, the highly acclaimed Sun-tamarin. Tova and Navot worked as cook and divemaster, respectively, for Ocean Hunter 1more than a year from 1986 to 1987, deepening their bond with Palau. In 1993 after Navot had graduated as a Naval Architect and Mechanical Engineer in Israel, the Bornovskis returned to Palau, alongside friend Francis “Mr. Dive Palau”Toribiong. This time Tova & Navot crossed the Pacific in their newly-remodeled luxurious liveaboard, the Ocean Hunter, accompanied by their children Yarden (4) and Udi (3) at the time. Ever since, the Ocean Hunter has had a happy home in Palau and has taken out more than 350 groups of divers, all pampered by the same friendly family service provided by the Bornovskis and their experienced crew family. The children Yarden and Udi were joined by Liam and Gayl, born in Palau. They love meeting the children of divers venturing to Palau.


The Ocean Hunter I has been specifically designed by divers, for divers. Unlimited diving is conducted off a spacious diving platform at the stern of the boat and hardly ever off a chaseboat (so you can climb right back onto Ocean Hunter I when you’re done and take a warm freshwater shower!).

Ocean Hunter I has three cabins with private bath and a/c, and accommodates up to 6 guests, which means uncrowded reefs, ease of entry into the water, personal attention and maximized bottom time. Furthermore, Ocean Hunter I is designed for professional underwater photography, with a big working area and more than 60 electrical outlets (110 and 220 volt), extra storage space, and E-6 processing available overnight. NITROX tanks and certification are available onboard. Our chef serves fresh low-fat gourmet cuisine. Built by the pioneer divers of Palau for others to explore Palau’s waters, reefs, caves and wrecks for themselves in comfort and intimate luxury, Ocean Hunter I provides a high-class, unrivalled liveaboard experience for diving the true Palau.

Ocean Hunter I – Food & Beverage
Ocean Hunter owner and reknowned chef and cookery writer Tova Har-el has developed our delicious gourmet menu. She has not only had extensive experience as a chef, but specifically as a liveaboard chef! She cooked on the first Palau liveaboard for more than a year and went out on the Ocean Hunter for the first six months in Palau, closely analyzing the tastes of hungry divers after exiting the water and learning to cater to their every taste whim. As a dedicated diver herself who knows the importance of low-fat, fiber rich meals, Tova designed our menu with international cuisines such as Palauan, Italian, Mediterranean, French and Japanese (with fresh sashimi and sushi), and with a bit of her own style as well. She has worked extensively with our cook Chhetra. Below is a sample timetable for the food that Chhetra will woo you with on a typical Ocean Hunter day.
Fresh vegetables and fruits are in abundance and will be served with every meal.
We will gladly cater to vegetarian or any other dietary request.
Snacks will be served in between meals.


Ocean Hunter I – Ship Specifications

Length : 60ft (20m)Ocean Hunter I by night
Beam : 15.5ft (5m)
Draft : 5.5ft (1.8m)
Speed : 7 knots
Displacement : 30 tons
Construction : Steel
Engines : Twin 175 hp
Generators : 2 by 15 KW
Available Voltage : 110/220 VAC 12 VDC
Water Tankage : 750 gals., day watermaker
Fuel Tankage : 750 gals.
Electronics : GPS, Cellular Phone, 48 mile radar, Depthsounder, Fishfinder, VHF, HF Radio, CD, DVD, VCD. TV and VCR with support for European PAL, SECAM and American NTSC.
Chaseboat : 18ft inflatable
Dive compressors : Bauer 5 & 3.5 c.f.m.,: 18 scuba tanks: NITROX onboard
Safety : Full safety equipment for USCG requirements, Emergency O2 Kit.
Guest Accommodations : For 6 guests, 3 double cabins with private head and shower and a/c
Crew Accommodations: 1 double cabin, private head.


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Itinerary & Schedule

Below is a sample schedule of a day onboard the Ocean Hunter I.

Please note that since we take only 6 divers, we are very flexible and customize the itinerary for each diver. We’ve had guests that have had 6 dives a day and some that were interested in 3 dives a day only.

06:30 – Gourmet coffee / tea and sweet rolls
07:00 – First morning dive
08:30 – Full Breakfast
10:00 – Second morning dive
11:30 – Snacks
11:45 – Third dive
13:00 – Lunch, 14:30 – Fourth dive
16:00 – Fruit smoothies and cake
17:00 – Dusk dive
19:00 – Night dive
20:15 – Dinner (can be served before night dive if requested)

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