Kosrae Diving

Fr $ 140 USD Per Night Accom only

Imagine you have found a place that almost no one else has heard of. A place where the line up at immigration is likely to just be you and a few locals.

Imagine it has warm water with a clarity of 30m plus, where looking from the shallows down into the depths reveals all the colours blue.

Imagine the hard corals are so pristine and dense that they take your breath away with the complexity and concentration of their structure.

Imagine that nearly every dive can be done as a gentle drift but the currents are usually so mild that to drift or not to drift is completely up to you, a place where photography comes easy as there is no surge or swell to fight.

Imagine that the locals are so aware of how precious the corals surrounding their island are that they have completely disallowed anchoring and there is a network of mooring buoys surrounding the island.

Now imagine you are there, diving it and the biggest crowd you could expect would be just a handful of other people.


Kosrae Nautilus Resort is a 16-room complex and emphasizes comfort, convenience and consideration. Striking tropical gardens surround the restaurant and bar, with an inviting swimming pool nearby for leisurely dipping. At Kosrae Nautilus Resort you will find friendly, comfortable surroundings just a stone’s throw from your own private beach.
Each room is air-conditioned with two double beds, a fridge, minibar, tea/coffee making facilities, 26-channel cable TV, direct-dial telephones, wireless internet access, solar water heaters, and daily room service. If you have special interests or needs, we’re here for you. Let us make your stay an exceptional one.
Dining at Kosrae Nautilus Resort

The restaurant at Kosrae Nautilus Resort offers breakfast, lunch and dinner and serves a good range of beer and wines, all in cool air-conditioned comfort, or outside dining by the swimming pool. Western and local foods, think breadfruit chips and incredibly fresh fish. We also offer Micronesia’s best pizza. Where ever possible, we use locally grown organic fruit and vegetables from our own garden and local farmers here on Kosrae.


Our dive boats – Poseidon is 27’ long and purpose-built for diving with a full shade cover, rear duck-board, oxygen, and a quiet 4-stroke 200 h.p. motor, maximum 6 divers.

Gecko, our other dive boat is 24′ long with a full shade cover, substantial ladder, oxygen, and quiet 4-stroke twin 70 h.p. engines, maximum 4 divers. Both make daily trips (except Sundays) to the best dive sites in Kosrae.

Exclusive dive charters – Have you always wanted to charter your own dive boat in a remote location so you can dive the way you want too? Well now you can! If you get in early enough, we will reserve the dive boat just for you and a friend. You tell us if you want to do one, two or three tanks each day, even add in a night dive!

Rates for January 1 to December 31 2014

Our room rates are US$140/night for a single room, & $155/night for a double room.

Both are + 5% tax. This includes airport transfers.

Meals –

Breakfast $14

Lunch $17

Dinner $27

(Including non-alcoholic drinks)

A 2-tank boat dive including tanks, weights & lunch is $135.

A 3rd tank is an additional $40.

A night dive on the fringing reef from our boat including tank, weights & cyclume

stick is $80.

Our 2 dive boats are purpose built for diving. They have full shade canopies &

powerful quiet 4-stroke engines & we carry oxygen on-board.



Until 1988 when Continental Micronesia added Kosrae to its regular flight schedule, few divers had the opportunity to enjoy the pristene reefs of Kosrae. Even today, Kosrae is still one of diving’s best kept secrets.

Kosrae’s reef structure is healthy and thriving, not suffering from global climate changes, pollution, over development or too many divers. Kosrae offers some of the most pristene diving in the world.

Naturally we want to protect the reefs, so we don’t drop anchors from the dive boats. Kosrae has 60 mooring buoys that circle the entire island. They were installed as a joint effort of the government of Kosrae, local dive and resort operators, and international volunteers to protect and monitor the reefs. Moorings are typically in 30’ to 50’ (9m to 15m) of water.

The reefs gently slope from a coral plateau that falls away to a wall or steep slope as you head out towards the blue. This allows for a pleasant drift along the slope or wall and by the end of the hour everyone has had ample time to off-gas exploring the shallows.

Divers can jump in at any of the buoys and drift with the gentile currents to the next buoy where the dive boat will pick us up. The dive boat captain keeps an eye on the diver’s bubbles and the surface float, so he always knows where they are.


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Itinerary & Schedule

7:00 am: Time for breakfast, our restaurant is open and waiting. Feel free to let us know if you think you might need a wake up call, or you can set the clock radio in your room.
8:15 am: Meet at the dive shop, get your gear together and ready to load into the trailer. Don’t forget to bring your certification card if this is your first day with us. We will need you to read through and sign our standard NAUI waiver form.
8:30 am: Our mini bus will drive you to one of the 3 marinas where we keep our boats. Kosrae is roughly triangular in shape with a high volcanic mountain in the center, so this usually makes for at least one side of the island to be shadowed from any wind that might be around. With this choice of three marinas to start our diving from, we can choose the best side of the island to give you optimum diving conditions for that day.
At the marina we load all of the equipment onto the dive boat and have you assemble it before the boat leaves the marina.
Once on our way and outside the harbour we can assess wind and swell to choose the best dive site for the start of the day. All dive sites are a mere 5 to 30 minute boat ride away, with over 60 mooring buoys to choose from. The dive briefing for the chosen dive site is given once we’re tied onto the mooring buoy.
Between dives we take a one hour surface interval allowing time to snorkel if you wish. During this time you will be served fresh local fruit including some of the best bananas you’ll ever taste, and some famous Kosraean tangerines. Depending on the season, we may also serve strawberry papaya, or local pineapples, both are a real treat. We also provide plenty of drinking water to ensure everyone is well hydrated.
After the second dive, we enjoy lunch on the boat before heading back into the harbour. Arrival back at the hotel is between 1.30 and 2.30 pm. If you wish to do three dives we get back about two-hours later.
Once back at the resort and after rinsing out the gear it is time to relax, go for a swim in the pool, or a snorkel out front on the reef, or simply read a book and relax till dinner time.

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