Tufi Resort

Scuba Diving Tufi Resort in Papua New Guinea is one of the few destinations in Papua New Guinea to offer all year round diving. The clear, calm and protected waters of the tropical fjords offer perfect diving for macro and muck diving, such as the popular House Reef, which is only 3 minutes walk from the resort.

The nearest open water reef is just 15 minutes by boat. Scuba Diving at TUFI Resort here in PNG is just paradise, with over 30 major dive sites in the nearby tropical waters of the Solomon Sea, with many uncharted reefs waiting to be explored.

The stunning marine biodiversity makes this a unique reef system. Coral outcrops are so abundant with fish, that the saying “more fish than water” is a common phrase. Pelagic schools of tuna, Spanish mackerel, barracuda, white tip and black tip reef sharks, hammerheads and the rare white hammerheads, inhabit these exotic waters. Turtles, manta rays and eagle rays are also seen cruising by.

TUFI Dive Resort PNG has been operating day dive trips to the outer reefs for over 12 years. Experienced dive crews with quality gear, dive boats and local knowledge of the TUFI reef systems make diving at TUFI Resort an unforgettable experience. So for your next dive trip in PNG think about one of the best diving locations in all of Papua New Guinea, TUFI Resort, PNG Diving at it very best!

With not only superb scuba diving, natural landscapes with beautiful culture, TUFI Resort can now offer Schools, Universities, Government and Science Groups a professional meeting space to host their meetings. TUFI Resort has just completed a new conference centre that can accommodate up to 30 delegates for business meetings, educational events and environmental projects that require a professional meeting space with modern facilities. TUFI Resort has housed some of the biggest names in global conference organisers and small scale conventions.


Tufi Resort – Papua New Guinea

TUFI Resort PNG is a personalised boutique resort is a hidden oasis nestled atop a breath-taking fjord, with 180º panoramic views of the sea, fjords and mountains.

Tufi Resort is a place that makes the outside world and all its daily stress seem a million miles away. The Resort is perched on an amazing, cliff-top terrace overlooking Tufi Harbour.

Located in Oro Province and only 129 kilometres (80 miles) east of Kokoda, Tufi Resort is the perfect place to rest the weary body after the challenges of the Kokoda or Black Cat Trail.

The deluxe bungalows have polished timber floors and the walls are lined with traditional woven material. All the creature comforts are available, including insect screens, 24 hour electricity, air-conditioning, hot water, bedroom with en suite, bar fridge, coffee and tea making facilities. Most bungalows have verandas overlooking the Coral Sea or Tufi fjord.
•Deluxe Bungalows which are fully air-conditioned, screened and fanned, with private balconies and ensuites.
•Standard Bungalows which are air-conditioned, screened and fanned, ensuites, some with private balconies some with not.
•Deluxe Rooms all deluxe rooms have balconies with outdoor settings.

Amenities include BBQ and dining settings, in-ground pool with views of the fjord below. The main building is a remarkable design that incorporates the reception, gift shop, library, restaurant and alfresco bar… hello margaritas!

Dine on a selection of local seafood, vegetables and tropical fruits in the resort dining room or enjoy a BBQ grill on the Fjord Terrace accompanied by a wide selection of wines and ice-cold beer.

Activities include diving, fishing, bush and nature walks, snorkeling, canoeing, traditional outrigger safaris, kayaking, trekking, bird watching, beach BBQ and great cultural interaction in the village, where you can experience many activities like sago-making, net and spear works, tapa printing, face and body tattooing.

Tufi is a stress-free environment where the locals are warm and friendly. A place where you can be left alone or mix with guests and villagers. A place where you can relax, recharge and feel totally invigorated.


Tufi Resort provides gourmet-style meals with a strong emphasis on the local reef fish and seafood. We provide also a range of western cuisine including meat and chicken dishes as well as an array of local cuisine specialty dishes. Special dietary requirements can be catered for with advance notice to the Resort prior to guests’ arrival.

Meal schedules will be adjusted daily to meet the activities of our guests. Typically, this is our schedule:
•Breakfast: 7:00am – 9:00am
•Lunch: 12:00noon – 2:00pm
•Tea & Snacks: 3:30pm – 4:30pm
•Dinner at: 7:00pm

We have a very good wine list and beverage selection for a remote resort. Any item can be purchased for your room refrigerator. We will be glad to supply you with ice for your room as well.


Telephone, Fax and Email

Tufi Resort has satellite-based phone and internet communications. To use the fax, phone or emails please contact the management.

Children under 5, staying in the same room as parents will stay and eat free. Children 6-11 are from $65 deluxe or $65 standard per night. Adult prices for children 12 years and above. Airfares must still be paid for children, as well as activities. We can take qualified divers over the age of 10 diving. For younger children, we can arrange local babysitters who will happily stay with your children during the day while you enjoy the activities Tufi has on offer. Tufi also has a pool which is suitable for children, but we ask that they be accompanied at all times. We can arrange snorkelling trips, trekking, fishing, kayaking, canoeing, nature walks and village tours suitable for children.

Clothing and Footwear

PNG and can be hot and humid on the coast and pleasantly cool to quite cold in the highlands. You are best advised to wear light clothing, preferably long sleeved shirts. You will need to pack extra shorts, t shirts, socks and a second pair of strong walking shoes apart from your other necessities. For females, tight or revealing clothing is not advisable as it may be frowned upon by locals and guides. It’s always advisable to bring along malaria medication, insect repellent, a sun hat, sun screen, rain jacket, a torch, camera, plenty of film and a positive attitude.


There are two seasons in PNG. It’s either wet or dry all throughout the country at different times of the year. Coastal areas experience temperatures that range between 24-35 degrees C (75-95 F) with high humidity. In the cooler Highlands, you can expect anything between 12-28 degrees (54-82F) and with less humidity. PNG does not experience devastating cyclones, typhoons and hurricanes. The wet season is normally from November to March although different areas will see a variation.

Cultural Dos and Don’ts

It’s important to understand that when you are travelling around the region you are walking through “someone’s backyard” and everything is either communally owned or owned by a family or tribe. Always remember, there are certain cultural taboos that must be observed. Always ask your local guide if you are not sure if a certain request will or will not offend the local people and their custom. Please do not hand out gifts as this may encourage a dependent mentality among the local people. If you are being asked to pay to take a photograph, it is best not to take the photo as paying will encourage a dependent mentality and other demands. For a truly rewarding cultural experience, ask you local guides as many questions as you can. They are nearly always shy and it’s up to you to ask simple questions about the local culture, history, flora, fauna and local issues.

Currency and Valuables

The unit of currency is the Kina, pronounced “kee-nah”, and sub-units of 100 are called Toea, pronounced “toy-ya”. Note denominations are available in K2, K5, K10, K20, K50 and K100. To pay for other goods and services before and after the trek, travelers cheques and international credit cards are accepted at most major hotels and retailers including Diners Club, Mastercard and Visa credit cards. Before leaving your country, we ask that you buy Kina cash at the travelers’ exchanges of the international departure ports of Sydney, Brisbane, Cairns, Singapore, Manila and Narita (Tokyo). If you are connecting on a domestic flight on the same day, you may not have the time to do your bank transactions in PNG. Banks operate between 9:00 am – 3:00 pm Monday to Friday. You are best advised not to carry valuables including large amounts of cash – leave your valuable items with the resort for safekeeping. Only small change is required for buying local fruits, vegetables, artifacts and other local souvenir items.

Housekeeping and Laundry
Our housekeeping staff will be in to clean your room during the morning. They will provide a turn-down service at night at which time they will close windows, turn on air conditioning and arrange mosquito netting. Daily guest laundry service is available with a laundry bag and a charge list, which is provided in your rooms. Please let us know if you need any assistance with your washing.


Tufi offers a wide variety of diving experiences. From diving the fiords to unchartered reefs and WW2 wrecks. Constant visibility of 30 metres plus and water temperatures of 26°C to 29°C all year round.

Dive the fjords, experience our unique macro world and check out the WW2 PT boat wrecks. Day or night, a wide variety of gobie, nudibranchs, Mandarin Fish, Ghost Pipe Fish, Pigmy Seahorse and a plethora of other fascinating creatures. A wonderful array of sponge and shelf corals that line the walls of the tropical rainforest fiord, a truly different dive environment.

The outer reef experience is unsurpassed with a choice of dozens of world-class dive sites. Moor onto a few of our favourites, Cyclone Cay, Black Rocks, Stewarts Reef and Shark Tip.

Dive the famous Dutch cargo ship the “S Jacob” or Blackjack – an intact B17 bomber – as specialty charter dives. Spectacular marine life in abundance: schooling barracuda and reef fish, hammerheads, reef sharks, manta rays, eagle rays, grouper and cruising palegic as well as soft and hard corals. A pristine environment unspoiled.

The fjords are excellent for macro diving with gobies, nudibranch, shrimps and clams. These animals can be seen by diving, but conditions are also ideal for snorkelling.

Because there is very little current movement in the fjords, many sponges and coral species grow prolifically and there are some very large sponges and shelf corals that are not common on the outer reefs.

5-10 nautical miles offshore lies a string of reefs – ‘bommies’ that come up from a staggering depth of up to 600 m to a nice safety-stop level of 7-5 m below the surface. The outer reef experience is unsurpassed with visibility exceeding 30m all year round and water temperature from 26-29°C.

Spectacular marine life in abundance with schooling Barracuda and reef fish, variety of sharks including the rare white Hammerhead Shark and an abundance of little critters, ideal for macro photography.

The majority of reefs in the region remain unexplored and it will be some time before the full diversity of the Tufi reefs are known. The resort focuses on reef and muck diving and all diving is carried out under the guidance of PADI dive professionals.

The resort is well appointed with dive boats. Crystal at 30 foot, is spacious and has comfortable seating. The boat features a shower and toilet facility and is well equipped with all safety features. A cruise speed of 20 knots provides divers less time travelling and more time underwater.


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Tufi is located in Oro Province on the NE side of the mainland of Papua New Guinea approximately 250 kilometres ENE of the capital, Port Moresby.

Situated between Lae and Alotau on the tip of Cape Nelson, Tufi is 130km E of Kokoda and 120km ESE of Popondetta, the capital of Oro Province.

Tufi Resort is set in a very unique and pristine region of PNG. With its clear waters, this region hosts some of the best diving in the world. From large coral outcrops and shelves to sandy cays, deep fjords and the surrounding rainforests, Tufi is the adventurer’s paradise.

Occupying the coastal strip be between the Solomon Sea and the Owen Stanley Ranges, Oro province covers 22,800 km² and has approximately 140,000 inhabitants.

The northern end of the Kokoda Trail terminates at the village of Kokoda and the region was the scene of heavy fighting during Buna, Gona and Sanananda campaigns of WWII.

Getting Here

Tufi is only accessible by air or sea. The flight time from Port Moresby to Tufi is approximately 50-55minutes. Domestic flights and local charter flights are available. Tufi is one of the only resort where you fly directly into the resort. The airstrip is a 3 minute walk from the resort or a 1 minute drive. On arrival you will be met by the Tufi Resort staff and escorted to the resort.

International Connections

All flight ticketing can be now done online directly with the airline concerned.

Airlines Of PNG

Airlines of PNG operates in conjunction with Virgin connections to Port Moresby from Brisbane (including a seamless connection to V Australia’s Los Angeles-Brisbane nonstop flight) on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday.

Cairns to Port Moresby operates on Saturday and Monday, and Port Moresby to Cairns on Friday and Sunday.

Domestic flights to Tufi from Port Moresby are Monday 6:00am, and Wednesday and Fridays 2.45pm, with returning flights 1 hour 50 minutes later.

Air Niugini

Air Niugini operates in conjunction with Qantas for Australian connections into Port Moresby from Sydney, Brisbane and Cairns. Air Niugini operates their own independent services with international services to Port Moresby from Fiji, Solomon Islands, Japan, Singapore, Kuala Lumper, Hong Kong and Manila.

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